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Its been awhile since I was writing… I have been working and starting to watch series called Workin’ Moms. It’s nothing special e.g. Dexter but it’s a good show to laugh and kill time.

I have finished season 4 today and went to sleep at 15:00 till 17:00 while working! I have worked many hours this months overtime and decided to enjoy my home office since there is not much work as I did it all in advance… and finally enjoy while my daughter started to sleep.during the day again!!! VACATIONS! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ My bosses are extremely happy, so no worries of skipping work and compensating unpaid extra hours.

What I have done above was pancakes. YES, REAL PANCAKES not american ones.

I have put butter, flour, eggs and pinch of salt. Nothing special! And just added it with buttered covered pan. Yes, I can turn them with one hand.

Trick is the butter, unsalted butter and a lots of chocolate. You can also do what I do sometimes a jam sauce from apricots.

Peel apricots, add them to melted sugar, add some whiskey (sweet wine) and water in between. I add sometimes cinnamon but depends… and just put the pancakes into squares and water them with the sauce, like you water your plants. Sing to them!!

My pancakes are brilliant. They are crispy, thin, non greasy and melt in the mouth. I remember my childhood when I went to friends house and nobody did the pancakes as my mom… either you were chewing them for hours, or they were too fatty or poor without the chocolate. I dont spare when cooking. I dont cook or I cook food with ingredients a lots of them. So, when you eat pancakes keep in mind that 3 adult person will eat the whole Nutella. I hate people who put 1 thin social cover of somethin to the bread or pancakes.

Great thing with pancakes is that you can add bubbly water and leave them in fridge for 24h before baking them again. Or you can put them cooked in the fridge then later do cheese pancakes my granmother always made. You fill the pancakes with the cottage cheese or e.g. maybe ricotta, then in the end spray them with yogurt with something else or some milk cream.. as I have brain storm now you could cover them with home made jam from some red fruits e.g raspberries, strawberries, blackberries etc…. or both together…

So there with simple pancakes when you are busy working you can do a lot of tasty and healthy dishes without Nutella in it and just put them in the owen and use your imagination! They can be breakfast, dinner, lunch with soup or stew etc… sweet, salty, cheesy etc…. you can even add jam and cheese and toast them!!!

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