Prison Break Festivus!

I have woked up today at 9:45. Opened my eyes and the kid was shaking me with her hands! Thought I was in Croatia and that there was an earthquake!! Then I have realized I have a kid and woked up happy!

I am not a morning person and I am like an old frustrated lady when I wake up for 20 minutes. I don’t talk, I just change my clothes, shower and take my coffe in peace while I am heating milk putting and spilling it into the cereals.

I have opened a fridge thinking if I should just put some sausages in a boiling water and some soup that is quickly done… but I remebered I had a frozen fish that I cleaned from bones and all and potatoes and flouer with veggies we need to spend. Shit!! So I decided to cook for today and tomorrow because tomorrow we go out for 1h for the first time after 4x days!!!

I made coating for the fish with flour, one egg, dried parsley and garlic that my daughter cleaned and of course beer.

Soup was just bunch of veggies with chicken bones cooked in another pot with Vegeta and some spices. Then added the water to the soup and that’s it.

Bread. Well at first I was adding olive oil, now I have stopped i even stopped brushing it. Put it later into aluminium.

After frying the fish I put it on the paper towels and after 5 mins each side in aluminum as well so that they can stay hot and soft.

Potatoes-I have always cooked them for 7 mins in a water with vinegar and just mix later in a bowl. Today I added dry paprika and dry parsley with garlic. Some places are without it because my daugther could get a nervous breakdown 😅😅😅 hope she will eat some…

I love fish and fishing! I love summer… I used to fish every summer from our boat or our beach. I know how to eat fish and clean it, put the hooks, how much mm goes on each hook depending where you fish and everything… That’s why I get nuts saying people in the market to clean me fish. Yes I am in Spain but they dont know how to clean the fish, so I just tell them to get out the belly stuff and I do my own cleaning at home. And I am pretty neat, no bones, no that plastic thing on the skin, nothing! I take out bones with a special tweezers like hair 😅😅 I am a perfectionist and it’s really hard for me to get not lazy and cook how we are supposed to as it’s a lot of time waste. I can’t cook simple and fast, all things need to be cooked with precision and taste!

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