Independence Catalan Cake

Since we had a birthday and since we live in a quarantine and are busy working at home… of course I have forgot about the bday!! So I made him a cake out of nothing

I have told him to buy chocolate for the kid…

First I have mixed brown sugar, eggs and butter. My daugther was mixing as well…

Since I didn’t have a powder for biscuits, I have added dried yeast 1/2 of tea spoon.

Flour, lemon skin, vanilla sugar and just put it into a mold.. 170c

Meanwhile we did the moussse. You can find a recipe on the back of Nestle Gourment Chocolates. I didn’t add extra sugar there.

When it all cold up, Inhave put the mousse in a freezer.

The cake has been tapped with aluminium to soft a bit.

After 1 h I have put the mousse into a plastic bag and started decorating and I have no experience so it looked like a drunk cake. My daugther was adding the sprinkles on…

Great! I remembered I had only one candle with number 5 in the kitchen cabinet and a lot of candles for Christmas decorations and Christmas houses…

I got an idea to put the the toothpicks on the bottom of the candles and just to stick them in. Since I have a talent to be sarcastic sometimes I have painted the candles into Catalan flag.

P.S. my daugther was pushing them hard onto the frosting. And nobody got intoxicated from the watercolors as they are made for kids πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ but don’t do it with normal ones if you get an inspiration.

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