The Soup Nazi and Focaccia

I wanted to share my grandmother’s tradtional soup receipe that we always ate in my house on Sundays as aperitve šŸ‘Œ

The only thing my kid eats is the soup and white rice with splitted meat a part. Am I the only person who eats as her separated? I think I suffer from food OCD syndrome. I split food. I always eat one thing or pull out the parts of food e.g. croissant. I mean when I am inside the house.

I got a gift when my daugther was born with many gifts, but my mother bought me Express Pot or what the name of the pressure pot in english? But it was a small sized, to cook and eat in the same day for 4 people max.

When I went to Lidl once I have seen Tefal big pot that costed only 50 eur and just bougthed it. It’s big and good for the price and quality.

I put half of the chicken with bones, celery, cut tomatoes to halves, big onion, spices parsley and carrots…. close for 25 minutes when its starts to boil and low the heat. Then I just dry it out and put only soup in the new pot. And when it boils again I add for 6 minutes pasta inside. The granny pasta, size 0 like smashed 2cm spaghetti.

Rest of veggies I throw and cut oy the carrots and put them in when pasta is done and tap it. Meanwhile I clean the chicken meat and cut it and before we eat I put some meat in the bowls and add soup onto it. I shared my other soup ideas in a former post, but let’s called this soup a Clear Soup.

Regarding my bread. I was struggling to make bread that is not Focaccia untill a week ago when I have seen video how they make real bread and how they shape it. So since then see above!! MY BREAD IS FRESH FOR 2 AND A HALF DAYS because its crunchy outside, soft and melting inside. When bread is done I brush it with olive oil. Yeast is done with milk and sugar – the typical recepie.

Before my bread got all dried after 16h.. now I am safe and happy and my daughter eats it.

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  1. I tell my daughter “no soup for you, come back next year” šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ when I cook something else and she refuses šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ so actually I became one


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