Food Challenge-International Peruvian Mix

It’s has been a quite long time since I have been posting some “diary” on this blog! Well I live in Barcelona and we are stuck in quarantine for 40 days now… I didn’t go out since 11th of March because during the day untill 9 PM I am working from home and am with the kid alone in the house. Thanks God I work only 6h per day, not 9 hours.

Can you believe me that I am so busy with the housework, playing with the kid and work that I am not bored and that I can not even write my blog.

Today I have made my dish, it has no name. My husband bought dried potatoes from Peru and told me to cook them. Hm….? What would you do with it?

I have just ate this “Papa Seca” two times in my life and they are dried potatoes which taste good as dried potatoes, imagine choped potate that you chew and that is “hard”, with less strach, it’s more “clear” the taste, more light but hard. 🙂

So,I have googled Papa Seca and after 3 minutes read one recepie, that said to water them first, put them on the pan with oil and add wine, then some bacon adn blah blah…..

What I did first was to chop celery, then red pepper, then carrots, then zucchini and eggplant (seriously?? In my 30 years of english studying I have found that this vegetable is callled EGGPLANT :DDDDDD, what a funny word).

So I have put it all in express pot and added Vegeta. Meanwhile I added one cup of water and after 15 minutes just blended them and left them there thinking if I should add more water and make some bechamel and served as a soup, but then I remembered I have a kid and that she will tell me its poop and wouldn’t eat it so left it there hanging to mix in my dish adding one cuo of water more.

Then I have chopped ribs my husband bought in Lidl while he was waiting 1 hour and a half getting inside the store as the line was more then 1km. Yes, so he does the shopping every day if he makes it by 21:00, if not I make my bread and he goes on Saturdays as everybody ad waits for hours because 1 in, 1 out.

I have just cut this meat, meanwhile I have putted potatoes on olive oil and added wine. Well F…IT there is no onion in the house. After that I have added the meat, garlic, dried parsley and more garlic, some mixture for pinchos (meat), red paprika, mustard and tapped it to cook for 1 hour with occasional moving around, then I have added grated tomatoes and my veggie mixture and left it until the meat stopped being red.

So, he told me its better then that they make it down there with traditional recipe, probably because he wanted to have sex later 🙂 My daughter had a meltdown of not even trying it, so after 30 minutes she ate a lot and tried and told me its really good. I have issues with her, she doesn’t want to try the food at all, new food. So mainly I do chicken soup with veggies everyday, or other meat soup with veggies and all has o be liquid, but I am happy she made progress with this dish and is being more open to food trying. I understand when she tries and doesn’t like, okay I am not gonna force, but when she doesn’t even want to try it makes me DISAPPOINTED!

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