The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

They say…

Most of people envy me because I have a beautiful house in a place far away as below, because I am living in Barcelona on the other hand and I have a beautiful family and steady job.

I never had this feeling of envy inside me since I was born, I was spoiled brat but somehow I knew if you really want something you need to move your ass first!

But I have always had this feeling of being worried 24/7 and this feeling gets on the peak when I sleep only a few hours per day mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. If I sleep more then 7 hours, I don’t need SPA, my worries… are gone! I forgot them already and can’t remember what was stressing me.

I think that besides sleep you need to be grateful if you have a steady job, independence, freedom and 3 people of trust in your life. Other things people can always learn by doing errors and mistakes.

Making the wrong choices, can be actually preparing to take the chance of the best ones in your life. It’s in human race… we do many mistakes and regrets and you need to reach the bottom to end up where you always wanted to be in your life – peace.

I have made many mistakes in my life so far. I have a college debt, gambling debt, smoking lungs, yet I have managed to pack my bags and start from zero again. I have learnt how to live with my past and paying my debts nowdays. Yet I need to learn how to plant the English grass in my garden and just relax and watch it. To realize that my anxious small daily worries as a clean a house after work every day, having a fresh made meals in the fridge or vacuum cleaning, washing clothes and all the rest for my family are not the most important daily tasks as it is living in the moments with your family. Playing puzzles or watching a TV in a dirty underware leaving the sink full of dirty plates untill the 16 pm next day is ok (if you splash it with water so that it doesn’t stink)!! I am really thinking now that I could loose the rest of my life cleaning, cooking and commuting to work worrying and wake up old. Yet there is a chance.. I am becoming a bit lazy again 😉

I miss my vacations in a place above when I was worrying if I will study and how much pages per day…

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