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Well. I remember Judy Garland and TNT at night after Cartoon Network!

I had my own TV since I was 8 and my own room. I used to watch all of the old movies while everybody was asleep. I loved Hitchcock! I loved Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn. I loved Gone With the Wind! I am 34 now and since then I didn’t have time to watch much classical movies. I have always had a rule in my head that I watch each movie only once in a lifetime because second time always messes up the first impression…. I have this rule since I could read fast subtitles and since I have learnt english – around 9 or 10 years of age.

Trust me folks. I have never ever breaked it… only once and untill I was 30. Till.30 I was watching various times “A Lot Like Love”. I don’t know why.. there is something about that movie…

I broke my rule when I have moved in with my boyrfirend. Because he always wanted to watch movies I have liked, so since then I am replaying movies. Before birth my memory was exquisite, just brilliant. I remembered always all the details about he movies, friends stories and so on.. since birth I sometimes don’t remember that I have already watched something and by the end I remember I have watched it. I feel sometimes disapointed! I feel in general disappointed because my memory… its like that somebody erased my brain and turned it back on. Nowdays seeing some movies is not the same as it used to be before. I am older. I am not carefree. I take them more seriously with less magic! I am just realistic and not so inspired as it used to be. Isn’t it strange how your impressions change after certain age and you look different on life?

I wish i was a kid sometimes… having pink glasses again.

Tomorrow I am making pizza!! I love making pizza as I make the best pizza in the world and I will not be modest.

Pizza dough is sooo smooth, soft and fluffy with extra crispiness. I am not sparing ingredients as well.


You heat milk to 40 c approx.

Then you add sugar and yeast in the cube. You put it in a plastic bowl and tap with aluminium “sheet”.

After 20 minutes. You put flavour inside in a blow. At the ends you put salt. You make the hole with a wood spoon and add olive oil and yest… and then you need to just whisk with big wooden spoon untill you get blisters and untill dough stops sticking!!

Topping is easy. My pizza from above was from all ingredients I had in tbe fridge. It was a veggie pizza. I remember red onions… flavor.. OMG!! OMG!!!

Then the spare dough.. you make a ball and squeeze it with fingers. Add olives and brush all with olive oil.

TRICK when Focaccia and Pizza are done you need to shower them in olive oil HOT and leave them to rest and sprinkle with dry garlic and parsley mixture!!

So it’s EL CLASSICO and we are going to enjoy Sunday night!

I don’t know what the hell I have just wrote.. i neve never know how my post looks like i just write and can not stop then publish it. People always tell me I am hillarious and they like to read my opinionz. I have no clue.. all i know that when I am inspired or pissed I write and post. Once I had a phase of having my own blog 15 years ago.I think writing about romance and girly stuff. Somehow everybody started to comment even the Congress woman who I never liked. I lost password and stopped. Hahaha.

Then when I was too stressed and broke up with my ex I went to some forum to ask other people for advice. Then I started to give advices to other broken people and they loved it. Then I just stopped and forgot password as well. Well… I still remember my teacher in elementary who told me I am bad in writing and always gave me bad grades. Maybe because we couldn’t be honest back then and people behind screens or real life people love my honesty and sarcasm. Actually sometimes I am sarcastic telling the truth and people think funny things… I have spent 2 decades believing I am not creative person at all, that I have no talent for nothing, just numbers, while in fact I am a brilliant cook and really creative one.

I still remember the taste of this old pizza photo I have made…

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