Marge Simpson Icecream

We have been very productive today, doing some delicious ice creams!

How to say NO to children? When she was 6 months I remember I went to IKEA and bought plastic moulds to make ice sticks. For the first ones I have bought white cream and just blended fruits with brown sugar and just froze them. For her, months later I was putting only bananas with one extra fruit. She liked it, i was happy!! That lasted 5 days. She went out with daddy who bought her a real Kinder Bueno ice cream… I knew I was f…ed up and that its over! My rule as a parent was to delay visble sugar sweets from the baby! I was soooooo maaaaddd!!!

Then I have chilled and accepted as it goes in life… now I buy her cookies with vitamins (let’s fool ourselfs, but its better then Oreos) After being a control freak and going with fruits and banas to the park as she refused them soon after, I quit..

Since she is in the kindergarten, I pick her up with muesli bar and water. I also have cookies. Cookie monster eats fruits, eats all in the kindergarten (if they do not lie). She eats all. She eats nothing at home at weekends!

What the hell should I do? I never asked my friends for the advice because I never compared myself with other mom’s. People just give advices even if you dont ask, so I just ran from that subjects. Anyway what did I do from 1.5 till 2.5 years? Around 1 and a half she stopped eating what i offered. Meat zero, potatoes zero, vegetables zero, fruits zero. Fish some.. just bread and wheat sticks and carbs!! (She is heavy but not fat and also tall, so she actually needed extra fat from butter and carbs) I was for 1 month devatated, untill I have accepted. Starving didn’t work, nothing worked. SO she just ate soups! I invented my own soups without extra fat and salt and they are delicious ( and I hate soups, BUT I am a soup nazi and mine are 10!)


I have put the chicken meat and bones separate in water with spices to cook in express pot for 25 mins.

In other normal pot, I always added celery, carrots, tomatoes, zuchinni and similar things to cook 30 mins and then blend.

Meanwhile I have dried meat and bones and separated them, put the meat water in veggie water and then pasta for 7-8 mins or rice (best to do apart and just serve on top(.. and she loves it!! Only soups!!! In between apple, cookies,milk with cereals from Nestle when she wakes up and before bed.

It lasted untill she was 2 and 5 months. She didn’t want anything else. Since I worked I quit to cook 3 meals and she didn’t even want to try anything or eat, but soup and apples.. I have bought jucier and we make juices together since she didn’t want to eat “real” hard fruit at all at home from 2!!


Now I put 4 big oranges 2 apples, some strawberries and she likes it and we split and drink all. Sometimes I make juices from another fruits. Like pineapple and mango. No sugar no extra shot just natural sweatner apples always (Pink Ladies- hot ladies)!!

Back to the point! I waitied bloody 9 months for her to start eating banans again. I have always had green bananas, fresh bananas which she ate and since I work, sometimes she got yellow black banana which has been bad and I think she stopped to eat them. People don’t get it that kids need to eat fresh fruits otherwise its too sweet or rotten and it’s bad! This week she started to eat them again, I am happy- no more chocolate, no more carbs.

I don’t care anymore what someone thinks or tells or whatever. I am not forbidding my kid from chocolate if she wants it, i buy her chips snacks once a week if she wants ot in the store, small Pringles, I buy her Haribo if she wants every second day, i buy her kinder surprise, I give her fried potatoes since she was 8 months if we are grabbing something outside and doesn’t wsnt to try other food. All i can see is that she is as tall as 4 year olds, i buy clothes from 4-5 years, she is not sick at all anymore.

Her pediatrician told me I shouldn’t give her Nestle with cereals because its full of sugar, that I should give her normal milk with wheat. Well… now she is starting to eat those. I decided I won’t starve my kid and be prisoner in the kitchen. I work, we go to kindergarten and we come to park from kindergarten together. We are rather in the park running eating muesli protein chocolate bars and drinking water, taking some milk before sleep and some home made juice! We are also eating Kinder ice cream every other day in summer if we want. We are healthy and strong and happy! We are eating Nestle banans yogurts only for now again because we dont like normal ones anymore.

Kids have their phases. I work, I have no time to yell at my kid who doesnt understand me why I am yelling over food because she is too small. She doesn’t get it. I have stopped. If she says to me chocolate when I offer food that she doesn’t like I give her small small portion and leave the main food on the table. Sometimes she eats, sometimes I eat, sometimes she eats cake! Let kids eat cake! I think Marie Antoinette was smart.. eat cake!!

Life is too short to spend it nervouse, forcing kids all the time. When it’s time they will eat again things they ate. Problem I have is that she doesnt even want to try food or bite. Step by step… by age of 5 she will eat all she likes. I cook soups during weekends and I don’t care. Next month I will cook normal again and we will eat all. My golden rule is eat cake and eat 2 pieces of healthy food/snacks 1:2 in a day and repeat… little bit of walking and we are ok!

Kid will grow fast. By age of 3 they will change and start to behave normal. They have their phases all I know I am not gonna decorate, cut and do all of the shit so that she gets breakdowns because its not served nice or cut. Food is food, I put sometimes i decorate sometimes i dont but you wat as ot looks if you dont want you will have the cake but I will force you with fruits and something else later.

POINT OF ALL: i was hoping not to give chocolate and postpobe as much as I can. Sugar is bad yeah blah blah… basic truth is that you can’t! Somebody else will always gove them chocolate or phone or whatever… if not they will see the others and will want to try. E.G. alcohol, pot, drugs… O never took drugs, actually nobody offered drugs to me. Still.. I think if you alwys say NO, NO.. and yell NOOO!! They will be on the floor making a scene.. or worse. I tried NO, NO, NO what did I get bad behaviour and manipulation, tricks… so i accepted, mooved on and today no is actually a no with the insurance and negotiation. I explain and offer other choice. And we are in peace. No crying, no hitting, no biting. So far she was never hiting herself on the floor in public. Arohnd 2 years yeah but I ignored it all the time and prayed her kidneys won’t get cold and transpalatstion, so it stopped. I have enever ever yelled at her to get up or grabbed, I just went to wash the dishes and came back.

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