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I sometines wonder why Salvador Dali has been obsessed with eggs. When I was 18, I was i Figueras and visited his museum. All i was seeing was eggs and clocks with his unshaved wife Gala photos!

When I stopped thinking that there is more to life then Sangria and fiesta, I have became fascinated to discover that he was actually painting mathematical forumulas and laws physics and that there is more that you can see with a bare eye. Unfortunately it was too late to see it again as I have been on the 10 day trip. I have decided that one day I will.come back and move to Barcelona. Guess what I did it! So dreams do come true if you get a chance and opportunity that you make for yourself.

When you visit Spain you must try tortilla española and there is a million recepies all over the country. In the restaurants or bars you can see them exposed as a big yellow cakes! I assume Mr. Dali really loved it too as he paints eggs melting and the clock. Time is the most important thing when making tortillas. 1 minute more and its burned. You can not see whats down there as is thick.

Every sunday morning we go out for a walk and eat breakfast outside. I have tryed various of tortillas but I sware I never tried one good enough to swept me off my feet! Basically they are unsalty, pale and look uncooked, but its eatable. Also keep in mind that these big yellow cakes don’t seem oily but jn restaurants they put 1 l of oil inside!! They are silent killers, so try them in Spain but dont eat too much and you never know as they leave them on the room temperature exposed. Who knows how long they are there and j what oil gave they been cooked. But some palce do it fresh in their small pans!

Once I have tried tortilla that my colleague made for his birthday and it was pretty good. So I wanted to make my own. I wen to google and looked for tortilla española. I was shocked how much oil goes inside.

First try- garbage. Second try eatable but do not give it to the baby! I have almost given up onto it but then I have bought a smaller pan and since I have invested I didn’t google any more I made it by my own guts. And it works brilliantly!! In your face Spaniards!


Put the oil, potatos which have been chopped as chips for 30 mins then take them out and put on the paper. Recepies said to put out the oil and then put it back when you add eggs just as much as you need. (this is important).

Add onions and potatoes back and 4- 5 eggs whisked in a bowl, not 8 as they claim.

So I did it! Its was smelling good. I added my secret spices and then I have bloody panicked. How to turn it???? I remebered my mom put always the lakte inside the pan and turned it, so i did it and put it back for 2-3 mins.

Taste was lovely. My husband said its the best he ate! I try to cut down the oil. Original recipes say you need to put more then 700 ml of oil inside. I put less, less then a cup!

Lets watch futbol now and shitty Barca how will they start loosing soon. Messi is moving to Torino. Vampire Suarez is injured.

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