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I have never ever planned exactly what to cook day by day e.g. like my mother. I always have stuff in fridge that are the basics of healthy diet with kid includes – read full fat diary products and proteins filled vegetables and products.

My mom was at home. We used to wake up in the morning, go to the supermarket then she cooked always fresh food. Lunch was always at 14:00

I work the whole week then I come home around 16, pick up my kid, go to park, give her snacks, come home, make fresh juices for all and we chill. I stopped cooking at night everyday since she is older. I make “soups”. Delicious soups! How?

Well I put meat in water and spices to cook with tomatoes, carrots, green stuff all kind if greens, parsley, garlic, onions, curcuma. After 30 mins e.g i take out the whole chicken breasts, blend the vegetables, cut the chicken boobs and mix it in all then i add pasta before serving. Its the only vegetable dish my daugther wants to eat. When it cools down after 2 hours before sleep i put it in the fridge for 2-3 days. Usually on Wednesday, Thursday I cook something fast as wok when she goes to sleep. On Friday night we date at home and i order oh he buys something. Saturday’s i am pushing some meals which she doesn’t want to eat, little by little they say…

Sometimes i starve her and put her to nap without eating lunch around 12 if she doesn’t want to even try it. When she wakes up she doesnt want either even to try. Then I need to wait, negotiate. And she eats or just eats fruits or yogurt with some proteins. I even serve everything, we cook together, mostly its doesn’t work immediately. Patience they say… 👌👌

Today was one of the day I have made thing above. I have forgot I have mangel and yogurt that will expire in couple of days!!!! As it was 5 and we have a dish for tupper tomorrow I was thinking to put it all in the owen somehow. But I have googled mangle tart?? I saw some photos… and I have had chickpeas flour…

I have put the flour, salt and powder yeast together added olive oil and some warm water, left it on a radiator.

In another bowl I have put cooked and knife chopped mangel, yogurt and 2 eggs, adfed dry parsley and garlic. With chease topping.

Put it all in a cake mold at 180c untill it seemed cooked!

My daugther was exicted. I gave them… she didn’t want to try and he said it was brilliant and it was! My daugther doesn’t like mixed colours or ingredients together on a plate!! How long?

Maybe its time for me to stop cooking with the flow where I never know what is on the menu untill I start to open the fridge and make magic with food that got in by chronological order.

Maybe I should buy food and organize it by days, write my recepies and diet plan to get in shape and eat healthy. Cut the portions of the plates and serve myself on plates and bowls of my kid 👏🏻👏🏻. I have started this blog mostly because I wanted to have a memo and inspire myself to bare day by day life with work and small kid. I was always a kind of a person who gets her answers by writing notes to myself here.

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