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Hi mom!

Sometimes I wonder how will you look like when you will be 16 slamming the door and saying” Toma por culo!”…

I wonder if I will live long enough to see you grow up in 14 years from now 🥰🥰.

This is how FaceApp is saying you will look like.

You know that you can always count on me and that I will be always there for you.

I know you are only 2 and a half and that sometines we have our differences, but we both are doing what is best for us. At least you listen to me. I just wish you could eat vegetables that are not liquid, I wish you wont tell me ewwww to everyhting that is not chocolate. Sometimes I feel like Marie Antoinette telling you: “let them eat cake!”, sometimes I am too strict. Its the way life goes. Its mother’s instinct-> bitching up!

After having a kid i have realized that in life you can not plan. You can just pack cookies, water, liquid fruits and take a walk, go to the park and enjoy the sun and smell the scent of the Mediterranean. I’ve realized you can just leave kids to do what they want in park and pray they wont bleed. I realized the best way is to just to leave them in the kindergarten and go without looking back. And yes when they trick you and manipulate you to play stupid sometimes and give them that thrill that they feel like they have won the battle but not the war!!

So untill you will steal my Dior mascara and lipstick I am thr boss and I know I am doing the best for you. I am happy that motherhood gave me confidence, joy and getting to know myself. Putting somebody else first. 👌

I am looking forward to the days when we will cook together, buy clothes together and grow as persons together getting to know each other and ourselves. That is what life is about. That is what my quest as a mother is. To discover ourselves and be the best as we can in this short life. Having some morals and dignity being kind, being pretty, being confident, work hard and be independent, be ourselves and free.

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