Workin’ Moms

Its been awhile since I was writing… I have been working and starting to watch series called Workin’ Moms. It’s nothing special e.g. Dexter but it’s a good show to laugh and kill time.

I have finished season 4 today and went to sleep at 15:00 till 17:00 while working! I have worked many hours this months overtime and decided to enjoy my home office since there is not much work as I did it all in advance… and finally enjoy while my daughter started to sleep.during the day again!!! VACATIONS! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ My bosses are extremely happy, so no worries of skipping work and compensating unpaid extra hours.

What I have done above was pancakes. YES, REAL PANCAKES not american ones.

I have put butter, flour, eggs and pinch of salt. Nothing special! And just added it with buttered covered pan. Yes, I can turn them with one hand.

Trick is the butter, unsalted butter and a lots of chocolate. You can also do what I do sometimes a jam sauce from apricots.

Peel apricots, add them to melted sugar, add some whiskey (sweet wine) and water in between. I add sometimes cinnamon but depends… and just put the pancakes into squares and water them with the sauce, like you water your plants. Sing to them!!

My pancakes are brilliant. They are crispy, thin, non greasy and melt in the mouth. I remember my childhood when I went to friends house and nobody did the pancakes as my mom… either you were chewing them for hours, or they were too fatty or poor without the chocolate. I dont spare when cooking. I dont cook or I cook food with ingredients a lots of them. So, when you eat pancakes keep in mind that 3 adult person will eat the whole Nutella. I hate people who put 1 thin social cover of somethin to the bread or pancakes.

Great thing with pancakes is that you can add bubbly water and leave them in fridge for 24h before baking them again. Or you can put them cooked in the fridge then later do cheese pancakes my granmother always made. You fill the pancakes with the cottage cheese or e.g. maybe ricotta, then in the end spray them with yogurt with something else or some milk cream.. as I have brain storm now you could cover them with home made jam from some red fruits e.g raspberries, strawberries, blackberries etc…. or both together…

So there with simple pancakes when you are busy working you can do a lot of tasty and healthy dishes without Nutella in it and just put them in the owen and use your imagination! They can be breakfast, dinner, lunch with soup or stew etc… sweet, salty, cheesy etc…. you can even add jam and cheese and toast them!!!

Prison Break Festivus!

I have woked up today at 9:45. Opened my eyes and the kid was shaking me with her hands! Thought I was in Croatia and that there was an earthquake!! Then I have realized I have a kid and woked up happy!

I am not a morning person and I am like an old frustrated lady when I wake up for 20 minutes. I don’t talk, I just change my clothes, shower and take my coffe in peace while I am heating milk putting and spilling it into the cereals.

I have opened a fridge thinking if I should just put some sausages in a boiling water and some soup that is quickly done… but I remebered I had a frozen fish that I cleaned from bones and all and potatoes and flouer with veggies we need to spend. Shit!! So I decided to cook for today and tomorrow because tomorrow we go out for 1h for the first time after 4x days!!!

I made coating for the fish with flour, one egg, dried parsley and garlic that my daughter cleaned and of course beer.

Soup was just bunch of veggies with chicken bones cooked in another pot with Vegeta and some spices. Then added the water to the soup and that’s it.

Bread. Well at first I was adding olive oil, now I have stopped i even stopped brushing it. Put it later into aluminium.

After frying the fish I put it on the paper towels and after 5 mins each side in aluminum as well so that they can stay hot and soft.

Potatoes-I have always cooked them for 7 mins in a water with vinegar and just mix later in a bowl. Today I added dry paprika and dry parsley with garlic. Some places are without it because my daugther could get a nervous breakdown πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… hope she will eat some…

I love fish and fishing! I love summer… I used to fish every summer from our boat or our beach. I know how to eat fish and clean it, put the hooks, how much mm goes on each hook depending where you fish and everything… That’s why I get nuts saying people in the market to clean me fish. Yes I am in Spain but they dont know how to clean the fish, so I just tell them to get out the belly stuff and I do my own cleaning at home. And I am pretty neat, no bones, no that plastic thing on the skin, nothing! I take out bones with a special tweezers like hair πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I am a perfectionist and it’s really hard for me to get not lazy and cook how we are supposed to as it’s a lot of time waste. I can’t cook simple and fast, all things need to be cooked with precision and taste!

Independence Catalan Cake

Since we had a birthday and since we live in a quarantine and are busy working at home… of course I have forgot about the bday!! So I made him a cake out of nothing

I have told him to buy chocolate for the kid…

First I have mixed brown sugar, eggs and butter. My daugther was mixing as well…

Since I didn’t have a powder for biscuits, I have added dried yeast 1/2 of tea spoon.

Flour, lemon skin, vanilla sugar and just put it into a mold.. 170c

Meanwhile we did the moussse. You can find a recipe on the back of Nestle Gourment Chocolates. I didn’t add extra sugar there.

When it all cold up, Inhave put the mousse in a freezer.

The cake has been tapped with aluminium to soft a bit.

After 1 h I have put the mousse into a plastic bag and started decorating and I have no experience so it looked like a drunk cake. My daugther was adding the sprinkles on…

Great! I remembered I had only one candle with number 5 in the kitchen cabinet and a lot of candles for Christmas decorations and Christmas houses…

I got an idea to put the the toothpicks on the bottom of the candles and just to stick them in. Since I have a talent to be sarcastic sometimes I have painted the candles into Catalan flag.

P.S. my daugther was pushing them hard onto the frosting. And nobody got intoxicated from the watercolors as they are made for kids πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ but don’t do it with normal ones if you get an inspiration.

The Soup Nazi and Focaccia

I wanted to share my grandmother’s tradtional soup receipe that we always ate in my house on Sundays as aperitve πŸ‘Œ

The only thing my kid eats is the soup and white rice with splitted meat a part. Am I the only person who eats as her separated? I think I suffer from food OCD syndrome. I split food. I always eat one thing or pull out the parts of food e.g. croissant. I mean when I am inside the house.

I got a gift when my daugther was born with many gifts, but my mother bought me Express Pot or what the name of the pressure pot in english? But it was a small sized, to cook and eat in the same day for 4 people max.

When I went to Lidl once I have seen Tefal big pot that costed only 50 eur and just bougthed it. It’s big and good for the price and quality.

I put half of the chicken with bones, celery, cut tomatoes to halves, big onion, spices parsley and carrots…. close for 25 minutes when its starts to boil and low the heat. Then I just dry it out and put only soup in the new pot. And when it boils again I add for 6 minutes pasta inside. The granny pasta, size 0 like smashed 2cm spaghetti.

Rest of veggies I throw and cut oy the carrots and put them in when pasta is done and tap it. Meanwhile I clean the chicken meat and cut it and before we eat I put some meat in the bowls and add soup onto it. I shared my other soup ideas in a former post, but let’s called this soup a Clear Soup.

Regarding my bread. I was struggling to make bread that is not Focaccia untill a week ago when I have seen video how they make real bread and how they shape it. So since then see above!! MY BREAD IS FRESH FOR 2 AND A HALF DAYS because its crunchy outside, soft and melting inside. When bread is done I brush it with olive oil. Yeast is done with milk and sugar – the typical recepie.

Before my bread got all dried after 16h.. now I am safe and happy and my daughter eats it.

Food Challenge-International Peruvian Mix

It’s has been a quite long time since I have been posting some “diary” on this blog! Well I live in Barcelona and we are stuck in quarantine for 40 days now… I didn’t go out since 11th of March because during the day untill 9 PM I am working from home and am with the kid alone in the house. Thanks God I work only 6h per day, not 9 hours.

Can you believe me that I am so busy with the housework, playing with the kid and work that I am not bored and that I can not even write my blog.

Today I have made my dish, it has no name. My husband bought dried potatoes from Peru and told me to cook them. Hm….? What would you do with it?

I have just ate this “Papa Seca” two times in my life and they are dried potatoes which taste good as dried potatoes, imagine choped potate that you chew and that is “hard”, with less strach, it’s more “clear” the taste, more light but hard. πŸ™‚

So,I have googled Papa Seca and after 3 minutes read one recepie, that said to water them first, put them on the pan with oil and add wine, then some bacon adn blah blah…..

What I did first was to chop celery, then red pepper, then carrots, then zucchini and eggplant (seriously?? In my 30 years of english studying I have found that this vegetable is callled EGGPLANT :DDDDDD, what a funny word).

So I have put it all in express pot and added Vegeta. Meanwhile I added one cup of water and after 15 minutes just blended them and left them there thinking if I should add more water and make some bechamel and served as a soup, but then I remembered I have a kid and that she will tell me its poop and wouldn’t eat it so left it there hanging to mix in my dish adding one cuo of water more.

Then I have chopped ribs my husband bought in Lidl while he was waiting 1 hour and a half getting inside the store as the line was more then 1km. Yes, so he does the shopping every day if he makes it by 21:00, if not I make my bread and he goes on Saturdays as everybody ad waits for hours because 1 in, 1 out.

I have just cut this meat, meanwhile I have putted potatoes on olive oil and added wine. Well F…IT there is no onion in the house. After that I have added the meat, garlic, dried parsley and more garlic, some mixture for pinchos (meat), red paprika, mustard and tapped it to cook for 1 hour with occasional moving around, then I have added grated tomatoes and my veggie mixture and left it until the meat stopped being red.

So, he told me its better then that they make it down there with traditional recipe, probably because he wanted to have sex later πŸ™‚ My daughter had a meltdown of not even trying it, so after 30 minutes she ate a lot and tried and told me its really good. I have issues with her, she doesn’t want to try the food at all, new food. So mainly I do chicken soup with veggies everyday, or other meat soup with veggies and all has o be liquid, but I am happy she made progress with this dish and is being more open to food trying. I understand when she tries and doesn’t like, okay I am not gonna force, but when she doesn’t even want to try it makes me DISAPPOINTED!

The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

They say…

Most of people envy me because I have a beautiful house in a place far away as below, because I am living in Barcelona on the other hand and I have a beautiful family and steady job.

I never had this feeling of envy inside me since I was born, I was spoiled brat but somehow I knew if you really want something you need to move your ass first!

But I have always had this feeling of being worried 24/7 and this feeling gets on the peak when I sleep only a few hours per day mostly on Wednesdays and Fridays. If I sleep more then 7 hours, I don’t need SPA, my worries… are gone! I forgot them already and can’t remember what was stressing me.

I think that besides sleep you need to be grateful if you have a steady job, independence, freedom and 3 people of trust in your life. Other things people can always learn by doing errors and mistakes.

Making the wrong choices, can be actually preparing to take the chance of the best ones in your life. It’s in human race… we do many mistakes and regrets and you need to reach the bottom to end up where you always wanted to be in your life – peace.

I have made many mistakes in my life so far. I have a college debt, gambling debt, smoking lungs, yet I have managed to pack my bags and start from zero again. I have learnt how to live with my past and paying my debts nowdays. Yet I need to learn how to plant the English grass in my garden and just relax and watch it. To realize that my anxious small daily worries as a clean a house after work every day, having a fresh made meals in the fridge or vacuum cleaning, washing clothes and all the rest for my family are not the most important daily tasks as it is living in the moments with your family. Playing puzzles or watching a TV in a dirty underware leaving the sink full of dirty plates untill the 16 pm next day is ok (if you splash it with water so that it doesn’t stink)!! I am really thinking now that I could loose the rest of my life cleaning, cooking and commuting to work worrying and wake up old. Yet there is a chance.. I am becoming a bit lazy again πŸ˜‰

I miss my vacations in a place above when I was worrying if I will study and how much pages per day…

There is No Place Like Home

Well. I remember Judy Garland and TNT at night after Cartoon Network!

I had my own TV since I was 8 and my own room. I used to watch all of the old movies while everybody was asleep. I loved Hitchcock! I loved Judy Garland and Audrey Hepburn. I loved Gone With the Wind! I am 34 now and since then I didn’t have time to watch much classical movies. I have always had a rule in my head that I watch each movie only once in a lifetime because second time always messes up the first impression…. I have this rule since I could read fast subtitles and since I have learnt english – around 9 or 10 years of age.

Trust me folks. I have never ever breaked it… only once and untill I was 30. Till.30 I was watching various times “A Lot Like Love”. I don’t know why.. there is something about that movie…

I broke my rule when I have moved in with my boyrfirend. Because he always wanted to watch movies I have liked, so since then I am replaying movies. Before birth my memory was exquisite, just brilliant. I remembered always all the details about he movies, friends stories and so on.. since birth I sometimes don’t remember that I have already watched something and by the end I remember I have watched it. I feel sometimes disapointed! I feel in general disappointed because my memory… its like that somebody erased my brain and turned it back on. Nowdays seeing some movies is not the same as it used to be before. I am older. I am not carefree. I take them more seriously with less magic! I am just realistic and not so inspired as it used to be. Isn’t it strange how your impressions change after certain age and you look different on life?

I wish i was a kid sometimes… having pink glasses again.

Tomorrow I am making pizza!! I love making pizza as I make the best pizza in the world and I will not be modest.

Pizza dough is sooo smooth, soft and fluffy with extra crispiness. I am not sparing ingredients as well.


You heat milk to 40 c approx.

Then you add sugar and yeast in the cube. You put it in a plastic bowl and tap with aluminium “sheet”.

After 20 minutes. You put flavour inside in a blow. At the ends you put salt. You make the hole with a wood spoon and add olive oil and yest… and then you need to just whisk with big wooden spoon untill you get blisters and untill dough stops sticking!!

Topping is easy. My pizza from above was from all ingredients I had in tbe fridge. It was a veggie pizza. I remember red onions… flavor.. OMG!! OMG!!!

Then the spare dough.. you make a ball and squeeze it with fingers. Add olives and brush all with olive oil.

TRICK when Focaccia and Pizza are done you need to shower them in olive oil HOT and leave them to rest and sprinkle with dry garlic and parsley mixture!!

So it’s EL CLASSICO and we are going to enjoy Sunday night!

I don’t know what the hell I have just wrote.. i neve never know how my post looks like i just write and can not stop then publish it. People always tell me I am hillarious and they like to read my opinionz. I have no clue.. all i know that when I am inspired or pissed I write and post. Once I had a phase of having my own blog 15 years ago.I think writing about romance and girly stuff. Somehow everybody started to comment even the Congress woman who I never liked. I lost password and stopped. Hahaha.

Then when I was too stressed and broke up with my ex I went to some forum to ask other people for advice. Then I started to give advices to other broken people and they loved it. Then I just stopped and forgot password as well. Well… I still remember my teacher in elementary who told me I am bad in writing and always gave me bad grades. Maybe because we couldn’t be honest back then and people behind screens or real life people love my honesty and sarcasm. Actually sometimes I am sarcastic telling the truth and people think funny things… I have spent 2 decades believing I am not creative person at all, that I have no talent for nothing, just numbers, while in fact I am a brilliant cook and really creative one.

I still remember the taste of this old pizza photo I have made…

Marge Simpson Icecream

We have been very productive today, doing some delicious ice creams!

How to say NO to children? When she was 6 months I remember I went to IKEA and bought plastic moulds to make ice sticks. For the first ones I have bought white cream and just blended fruits with brown sugar and just froze them. For her, months later I was putting only bananas with one extra fruit. She liked it, i was happy!! That lasted 5 days. She went out with daddy who bought her a real Kinder Bueno ice cream… I knew I was f…ed up and that its over! My rule as a parent was to delay visble sugar sweets from the baby! I was soooooo maaaaddd!!!

Then I have chilled and accepted as it goes in life… now I buy her cookies with vitamins (let’s fool ourselfs, but its better then Oreos) After being a control freak and going with fruits and banas to the park as she refused them soon after, I quit..

Since she is in the kindergarten, I pick her up with muesli bar and water. I also have cookies. Cookie monster eats fruits, eats all in the kindergarten (if they do not lie). She eats all. She eats nothing at home at weekends!

What the hell should I do? I never asked my friends for the advice because I never compared myself with other mom’s. People just give advices even if you dont ask, so I just ran from that subjects. Anyway what did I do from 1.5 till 2.5 years? Around 1 and a half she stopped eating what i offered. Meat zero, potatoes zero, vegetables zero, fruits zero. Fish some.. just bread and wheat sticks and carbs!! (She is heavy but not fat and also tall, so she actually needed extra fat from butter and carbs) I was for 1 month devatated, untill I have accepted. Starving didn’t work, nothing worked. SO she just ate soups! I invented my own soups without extra fat and salt and they are delicious ( and I hate soups, BUT I am a soup nazi and mine are 10!)


I have put the chicken meat and bones separate in water with spices to cook in express pot for 25 mins.

In other normal pot, I always added celery, carrots, tomatoes, zuchinni and similar things to cook 30 mins and then blend.

Meanwhile I have dried meat and bones and separated them, put the meat water in veggie water and then pasta for 7-8 mins or rice (best to do apart and just serve on top(.. and she loves it!! Only soups!!! In between apple, cookies,milk with cereals from Nestle when she wakes up and before bed.

It lasted untill she was 2 and 5 months. She didn’t want anything else. Since I worked I quit to cook 3 meals and she didn’t even want to try anything or eat, but soup and apples.. I have bought jucier and we make juices together since she didn’t want to eat “real” hard fruit at all at home from 2!!


Now I put 4 big oranges 2 apples, some strawberries and she likes it and we split and drink all. Sometimes I make juices from another fruits. Like pineapple and mango. No sugar no extra shot just natural sweatner apples always (Pink Ladies- hot ladies)!!

Back to the point! I waitied bloody 9 months for her to start eating banans again. I have always had green bananas, fresh bananas which she ate and since I work, sometimes she got yellow black banana which has been bad and I think she stopped to eat them. People don’t get it that kids need to eat fresh fruits otherwise its too sweet or rotten and it’s bad! This week she started to eat them again, I am happy- no more chocolate, no more carbs.

I don’t care anymore what someone thinks or tells or whatever. I am not forbidding my kid from chocolate if she wants it, i buy her chips snacks once a week if she wants ot in the store, small Pringles, I buy her Haribo if she wants every second day, i buy her kinder surprise, I give her fried potatoes since she was 8 months if we are grabbing something outside and doesn’t wsnt to try other food. All i can see is that she is as tall as 4 year olds, i buy clothes from 4-5 years, she is not sick at all anymore.

Her pediatrician told me I shouldn’t give her Nestle with cereals because its full of sugar, that I should give her normal milk with wheat. Well… now she is starting to eat those. I decided I won’t starve my kid and be prisoner in the kitchen. I work, we go to kindergarten and we come to park from kindergarten together. We are rather in the park running eating muesli protein chocolate bars and drinking water, taking some milk before sleep and some home made juice! We are also eating Kinder ice cream every other day in summer if we want. We are healthy and strong and happy! We are eating Nestle banans yogurts only for now again because we dont like normal ones anymore.

Kids have their phases. I work, I have no time to yell at my kid who doesnt understand me why I am yelling over food because she is too small. She doesn’t get it. I have stopped. If she says to me chocolate when I offer food that she doesn’t like I give her small small portion and leave the main food on the table. Sometimes she eats, sometimes I eat, sometimes she eats cake! Let kids eat cake! I think Marie Antoinette was smart.. eat cake!!

Life is too short to spend it nervouse, forcing kids all the time. When it’s time they will eat again things they ate. Problem I have is that she doesnt even want to try food or bite. Step by step… by age of 5 she will eat all she likes. I cook soups during weekends and I don’t care. Next month I will cook normal again and we will eat all. My golden rule is eat cake and eat 2 pieces of healthy food/snacks 1:2 in a day and repeat… little bit of walking and we are ok!

Kid will grow fast. By age of 3 they will change and start to behave normal. They have their phases all I know I am not gonna decorate, cut and do all of the shit so that she gets breakdowns because its not served nice or cut. Food is food, I put sometimes i decorate sometimes i dont but you wat as ot looks if you dont want you will have the cake but I will force you with fruits and something else later.

POINT OF ALL: i was hoping not to give chocolate and postpobe as much as I can. Sugar is bad yeah blah blah… basic truth is that you can’t! Somebody else will always gove them chocolate or phone or whatever… if not they will see the others and will want to try. E.G. alcohol, pot, drugs… O never took drugs, actually nobody offered drugs to me. Still.. I think if you alwys say NO, NO.. and yell NOOO!! They will be on the floor making a scene.. or worse. I tried NO, NO, NO what did I get bad behaviour and manipulation, tricks… so i accepted, mooved on and today no is actually a no with the insurance and negotiation. I explain and offer other choice. And we are in peace. No crying, no hitting, no biting. So far she was never hiting herself on the floor in public. Arohnd 2 years yeah but I ignored it all the time and prayed her kidneys won’t get cold and transpalatstion, so it stopped. I have enever ever yelled at her to get up or grabbed, I just went to wash the dishes and came back.

Bear the Love

I wonder what if someone told you that in 1 year you will move to the city that always inspired you, find a steady boyfriend and get married with children? And the most important – never question if you made a good decision. Maybe you would tell them its impossible and that destiny doesn’t exist…

4 years ago I went to see a football match, alone for 7 days. I was finishing my prolonged college and needed to put it in my map in this crazy world of being overwhelmed, feeling depressed, wondering what will I do in my life? I was always pretty ambitious person who was always lazy and intelligent to always finding a way that leaded me to fulfill my goals and needs with minimum effort. E.g. at college I have always liked to party and then taking 5 days to study 18h per day- instead of studying 1 month in advance. Somehow I had luck as always and passed. My life was always a rollecoster because I am kind of a person who likes to delay things, avoid them, then give 100% when its matter of life and death and it always worked out well… I wonder what would happen if I invest 100% every day?

When I came to a fotball match, I knew only one guy who was here studying and other friend with whom both I have spent summer with in a house of my friend. She invited her colleagues to visit her and approx. we were 4 guys and 3 girls with one couple from all over the world. We had fun. I went crazy about one guy and we had a seceret summer fling. 2 months later I went on another vacation and met them all there again and he was there as well. I came back home in September and have seen Champions League draw. I have bought a ticket and went to see a match for 9 days. I just needed a reason to meet that guy! Our mutual friend didn’t join. I saw this summer guy that I liked 2 times and then met another guy who I started to like and with whom I went to party for 5 days. He told me he came here with a fake ID and that he was cheating people with their credit cards for a living. Dude was so hillarious thay my blonde blue eyed guy just turned me off. I was thinking like what the F….??? This criminal was in my apartment, but he never robbed me. Meanwhile his “friend” texted me one night if I am coming with my boyfiend this new guy. I told him we are not together and that I just had fun with him but that he is cocaine uneducated addict who is not seeiming normal. I even told him I changed my apartment and will go home in two days. This guy inisted that we meet. Since I have been a bit neurotic since my granmother dided 3 weeks before and really sad compensating it with travelling, spending money. I sad to him why not. He told me its a sign because we have origings from the same small country. This guy was nice, tall, good mix of genes, educated, finsihed lawschool and came from a good educated family as me. We were just walking through the city, had some beers, just talked about everything. Then the dude started to roll up his weed on the street and asked me if I want to smoke with him. I was like “I did it 2 times and just felt bad and slept awake, its nothing special but Iets see.” I tried and just fell asleep. Next day we met again with his and mine friend who was 10 years younger, doing an internship and we all got really drunk. I am still in contact with her!! I’ve slept the next day and my flight went away. Yes, it was like a Hangover movie! Except the baby Carlos and the monkey, but nobody was having a bachelor party! I had to stay 3 more weeks. This guy was always at my place untill I went home eventually. 2 months later we stayed in contact and I came back to see him. My life went on and my grief of loss eventually went ok. Somehow when I met him I was seeing a cute dude in his 30ties who had bad job, finished lawschool, smoking pot everyday and I have figured out he was smoking a lot of other stuff too. I felt sorry for him. He was broke and he was after me for having fun, buying him food and stuff and just to cry on someone’s shoulder that he is a looser and that he doesnt talk to his family anymore because he is ashamed, because he was lying to them that he is having great job and life here. And in the end that his friend is buying him food just because he is broke!! Suddenly I’ve just felt pitty for him and started to look at him as a brother, friend not someone I was sleeping with once in a while. I went home. I got worried about this guy because I started to think he was living in the street or just blocked me for no reason.

2 months later I came back again because my friend invited me , my long life firend who moved. I facebooked and stalked this broke guy and he told me that he lost his phone and that we can meet for a drink and go to see a football match. We went. I have smoked weed at Camp Nou and the police was 10m away!! (When I think about it as a mother, I don’t know why the hell I did it. I never enjoyed pot. Second i could have been ended up in a jail with the fine!) He was just smoking his pot and talking how he could move to my country and start a business. That he has no one here, that he doesn’t talk with his family. I was like yeah yeah. I felt sorry for him. I was supportive. I knew he was talking mostly trash, but I wante to give him a chance and be supportive, to wake him up and move. Just move to find a good job in Spain. I went home and 5 months later I got a job and moved permanently here. I was haning out with my friends and didn’t even contact this guy at all. Once he texted how am I. I asked if he wants to talk and meet. He was suprised I have moved here. In the end we met and spent the night together. When I came to his place, there was all full of chocolates, it was a disaster. I knew he had addiction problem but that was too much. Next morning I just went home and it was last time I have seen this guy. 2 weeks later I met my husband who was a normal guy, hardworking, serious and cute. We clicked off instantly. There was no questions if he was into me or not. I didn’t feel pressure. Things went naturally. We didn’t sleep together having sex for two months. Nobody had hurry. It was natural and easygoing. I knew that every friday night we would meet, that he would pick me up on Saturday’s mornings and we would do stuff all the time. Since then I have never ever for the first time analyzed things. I was never talking with my girlfriends much about our private relationship things and went to details as before. Eventually we got married and had a kid. Now we are happy. We have our problems and differences but its hard life with a small baby when both people work.

I remember that once while I was pregnant this dude who smoked pot too much texted me where am I what am I doing that he lost his job… I just wrote him – I am fine, so you do remember me only when you are depressed? I am pregnant and put a smiley face. Day after I told him its not his, hahaha. He never responded back. Everytime I buy a new phone and recover my phonebook I am still seeing his number without any picture and status. Sometimes I wonder if he is still alive or drugs took him. In the end I wrote this story of my life that I don’t think about anymore. Sometimes when I visit some places in this city I don’t even think about or remember anything about it and in the situations like this spontaneous writing, I get sad. Well, whatever happened its not my thing. I have my life fulfilled now. While I am thinking now would it be strange to say if we ever meet that I could take a coffe with this guy and just be friends? Is it possible to love someone as a brother after being sexually involved? I think yes…

Its funny how in life… you have ups and downs but right things come when you don’t expect them. Yes, I was a “whore” before getting married. I was dating many guys, I was spending a lot of MY money to just enjoy and not care. But the thing is that I didn’t waste my life being miserable and juding everybody else for my failures. Our life is just ours and we are the only ones that set the limits and move on.

Its also funny in a life how people just think they are allowed to give you small pieces of themselves and expect that your are their lucky fix who will keep them happy whenever they feel down. Its funny how the first guy from this story the “summer” guy who was hot and cold with me… he was the first guy who texted me when I gave a birth on Facebook and even put the public comment. I was dying laughing… so all is allowed in war and love I guess as they say. People do irrational things and expect all, people are egoists in both ways. I was also the one egosit as well in this stories I have wrote. I did need somebody to make me feel good as they did.

If someone tells me that love is pure and not selfish. In my 30 years of life, being married now I can assure at least for myself that I agree. With my husband I didn’t need a shoulder to cry, I didn’t need a friend to comfort me and listen to me. I just needed someone to waste my time with doing nothing, be comfortable without talking too much, complicating things. Just to live in the moments and enjoy it because Monday and Sundays were days to work and have time alone! Just to breath and not to think about anything. I love taking a coffe with him and just not to talk, just breath and talk with our kid. We talk enough at home, but when we watch TV, eat outside, walk outside we are quite and I love it.

Tortilla EspaΓ±ola

I sometines wonder why Salvador Dali has been obsessed with eggs. When I was 18, I was i Figueras and visited his museum. All i was seeing was eggs and clocks with his unshaved wife Gala photos!

When I stopped thinking that there is more to life then Sangria and fiesta, I have became fascinated to discover that he was actually painting mathematical forumulas and laws physics and that there is more that you can see with a bare eye. Unfortunately it was too late to see it again as I have been on the 10 day trip. I have decided that one day I will.come back and move to Barcelona. Guess what I did it! So dreams do come true if you get a chance and opportunity that you make for yourself.

When you visit Spain you must try tortilla espaΓ±ola and there is a million recepies all over the country. In the restaurants or bars you can see them exposed as a big yellow cakes! I assume Mr. Dali really loved it too as he paints eggs melting and the clock. Time is the most important thing when making tortillas. 1 minute more and its burned. You can not see whats down there as is thick.

Every sunday morning we go out for a walk and eat breakfast outside. I have tryed various of tortillas but I sware I never tried one good enough to swept me off my feet! Basically they are unsalty, pale and look uncooked, but its eatable. Also keep in mind that these big yellow cakes don’t seem oily but jn restaurants they put 1 l of oil inside!! They are silent killers, so try them in Spain but dont eat too much and you never know as they leave them on the room temperature exposed. Who knows how long they are there and j what oil gave they been cooked. But some palce do it fresh in their small pans!

Once I have tried tortilla that my colleague made for his birthday and it was pretty good. So I wanted to make my own. I wen to google and looked for tortilla espaΓ±ola. I was shocked how much oil goes inside.

First try- garbage. Second try eatable but do not give it to the baby! I have almost given up onto it but then I have bought a smaller pan and since I have invested I didn’t google any more I made it by my own guts. And it works brilliantly!! In your face Spaniards!


Put the oil, potatos which have been chopped as chips for 30 mins then take them out and put on the paper. Recepies said to put out the oil and then put it back when you add eggs just as much as you need. (this is important).

Add onions and potatoes back and 4- 5 eggs whisked in a bowl, not 8 as they claim.

So I did it! Its was smelling good. I added my secret spices and then I have bloody panicked. How to turn it???? I remebered my mom put always the lakte inside the pan and turned it, so i did it and put it back for 2-3 mins.

Taste was lovely. My husband said its the best he ate! I try to cut down the oil. Original recipes say you need to put more then 700 ml of oil inside. I put less, less then a cup!

Lets watch futbol now and shitty Barca how will they start loosing soon. Messi is moving to Torino. Vampire Suarez is injured.